Efficient Travel Management: Implementation of a Global Solution

Einführung eines globalen Reisemanagements bei einem großen globalen Rohstoffhändler in der Rolle des Group Cost Managers


  • Global Travel Budget: USD 38 Mio
  • 3 Staff


  • Einführung eines globalen Anbieters für Reisebuchungen mit einheitlichem Buchungsprozess
    • Auswahl eines geeigneten Partners für die globale Ausrollung
    • 27 Länder; rd. 4.000 Reisende
    • Beendigung der Vertragsverhältnisse mit den lokalen Anbietern
    • Definition der globalen Travel Policy
    • Definition und Einführung des Buchungsprozesses unter Berücksichtigung der Travel Policy
  • Partnerschaft mit einem Zahlungsdienstleister um die Abrechnung der Reisedienstleister global zu standardisieren
  • Implementing a global travel management company with a unified booking process
    • Selection of a suitable partner for the global rollout
    • 27 countries; around 4,000 travelers
    • Termination of contractual relationships with local providers
    • Definition of a strong global travel policy
    • Definition and introduction of the booking process taking the travel policy into account
  • Set-up a partnership with a payment service provider to globally standardize billing of the travel management company


  • Tender for global travel management company
  • Change management during the implementation at the individual locations
  • Definition of standard reports to be delivered by the travel management company
  • Development of KPIs based on the travel management company’s standard reports
  • Establishment of a team of analysts for ongoing cost and policy control


  • Strengthening the negotiating position with key suppliers (airlines), which ultimately led to significant discounts
  • Full cost transparency with regards to travel costs
  • Improved policy compliance of >98%

Special Challenge:

  • The travelers were accustomed to highly personalized assistance (depending on the location), which was subsequently replaced by standardized processes. This change process demanded significant support.