Interim Management

Insights into interim management: Leadership in change

The importance and popularity of interim management has increased significantly in recent years. However, not all aspects are known. Here I present a selection of articles that deal with the diverse aspects of interim management. These articles provide initial insights into the function, importance and use of interim managers in today’s business world. The collection is certainly not complete, but it provides an overview of current developments, challenges and opportunities in the area of interim management.

Interim Management: An Introduction into the Flexible World of Management

Definition and Delimitation of Interim Management
Interim Management is a term that is gaining increasing significance in the business world. It involves the …

The Role of an Interim Manager: Responsibilities and Expectations

Interim Managers play a crucial role in the contemporary business landscape, stepping into organisations temporarily to address specific challenges. Their responsibilities and expectations often differ…

Choosing the Right Interim Manager: Tipps for Companies

Selecting the right Interim Manager is a critical step that requires careful consideration. Here are some tips for you when choosing…